Fábrica tabaco contrabando Coslada

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Fábrica tabaco contrabando Coslada

Notapor Anthony » 15 Jun 2013, 19:21

THE first-ever illegal cigarette factory has been uncovered in Spain, and is thought to have been producing enough tobacco for 1.5 million packets a month.
Sold at a price which saved the end user about two euros a packet, the tobacco was being manufactured behind closed doors in a warehouse in Coslada (Madrid).
Four Polish nationals, a Spaniard and a man from the Ukraine have been arrested.
Contraband cigarettes and loose tobacco are nothing new in Spain, but this is the first time they have been found to have been manufactured in the country, explain customs and revenue officers.
Until now, illegally-produced tobacco has always come from abroad, with the main countries involved being Egypt, Vietnam, China, Turkey, the Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates.
This said, a total of 54 illegal tobacco factories have been uncovered in recent months in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Lithuania and The Netherlands and, outside of Europe, in the Ukraine and Russia.
Customs officials say it is 'impossible' to penetrate the legal market with contraband cigarettes, meaning they are sold 'underground'.
Factories tend to be set up in areas close to large towns or cities to ensure a captive market, but move around regularly to avoid discovery.
In the case of the one found in Coslada, the operations had taken place in Guadalajara until recently.
Contraband tobacco sales are on the rise, say officials, because of the rising cost of legal cigarettes and fall in income of those who smoke them, the ease of finding and renting warehouses, and the increase in numbers of people with few or no resources being tempted by 'easy income'.
This first-ever illegal tobacco factory is said to have managed to avoid paying tax on cigarettes of up to three million euros a month.
Police found 16.5 tonnes of cut tobacco in the warehouse.
http://www.thinkspain.com/news-spain/22 ... s-to-light
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